Products generated by this project, including publications, presentations, software, and data sets.


  • Phyloreference Curation Tool: Web-based tool for curating published phylogenetic clade definitions to phyloreference expressions.
  • phylo2owl: Tool to convert phylogenies to OWL ontologies.



  • Vaidya G, Lapp H, Cellinese N (2016) “Creating computable definitions for clades using the Web Ontology Language (OWL).”
    Presentation at TDWG 2016, Santa Clara de San Carlos, Costa Rica. (video; ours is the second talk in that session, starting at around 16:30)
  • Vaidya G, Lapp H, Cellinese N (2016) “The Semantic Clade.” Presentation at the 2016 Evolution Meetings, Austin TX. (video)
  • Cellinese N, Lapp H (2016) “Integrating data with phylogenies, at scale.” Presentation at the Final Phenotype RCN Summit, held on February 26-28 at Biosphere2 in Arizona.
  • Cellinese N, Lapp H (2015) “Integrating data at the Tree of Life scale using computable clade definitions.” Presentation at the 2015 International Union of Biological Science Meeting in Berlin, Germany.
  • Cellinese N, Lapp H (2015) “An ontology-based system for querying Life in a post-taxonomic age.” Presentation at the 2015 TDWG Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.